Wi-Fi in Libraries Survey 2007

With the topic of wireless hotspots in libraries becoming ever more popular and a desire for UK libraries to understand more about what was happening as well as the types of solutions available, we decided to conduct some market research. The objective was to gain a better understanding of what was happening in Libraries and then share that information will all UK libraries.  As part of this process we wanted to know how many authorities are interested in providing a wireless hotspot and of those already offering a hotspot to the public we hoped to understand what their projects entailed.

The market research was initially conducted via telephone with those who agreed to help with the survey then completing a short online questionnaire.

Focusing on those authorities already providing hotspot access, we tried to gain a better understanding of the whole project life cycle. Primarily, this involved asking why these authorities chose to implement a hotspot in the first place, how they came to the decision of what solution to implement and then ultimately whether they deemed the project a success.

In the case where the authority hadn't implemented a hotspot, we focused on determining how many of them would ultimately like to provide a hotspot and what hurdles they believed they would face in doing so.

The hope was that we'd be left with some meaningful statistics and helpful insights and tips that could be shared amongst all library authorities interested in undertaking a similar project.

In total we received 112 completed questionnaires which has provided us with a great insight into what authorities really think about the topic of wireless hotspots in libraries.

We'd just like to take this opportunity to thank all those individuals who took part in the market research. If you're interested in the results of our Wi-Fi market research then please click here.