11/05/2010 - Insight Media Customer Seminars 2010

The customer seminars in April 2010 were a great success, with lots of positive feedback.  Comments from customers like "An interesting day, usefully spent", "Honest and no hard sell" and "Excellent event, well worth the journey" make it all worthwhile.

Insight Customer Seminars 2010

The customer seminars in April 2010 were aimed at efficiencies and effectiveness and one of the main aims was to get a clear understanding of what is happening in our marketplace; what we are doing currently as an organisation; and what we should be doing for our customers?

Much of the event focused on self-service and reducing staff involvement in managing public access computers, but we also focused on total costs of ownership and areas where we can potentially reduce costs.

The events were a great success with lots of positive feedback. Comments like "Thoroughly enjoyable experience", "Excellent event, well worth the journey" and "Clear, concise and candid presentations.....Many thanks!"

Steven Heywood at Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council said "Insight Media are good at listening to the nature of the problem and are open minded in finding solutions" and Jean Lamb at Wigan Leisure & Culture Trust said "The seminar was great - Neil and the team made the information very accessible to a "non-techi" person!".

It’s great to spend time with customers to understand what is really important to them, and that's not always easy.  However when we get feedback from customers like Southampton City Council whose Adrian Reedman said "If only all suppliers were like Insight Media", then its certainly makes it all worthwhile.